Dominican Republic

Creation and implementation of a Labor Market and Technical-Professional Training Observatory

The objective of the project is to provide the National Institute of Technical-Professional Training (INFOTEP) with an effective tool to forecast the demand for competent human resources and strengthen its capacities in planning its training offer.

The establishment of a Labor Market and Technical-Professional Training Observatory aims to enable INFOTEP to analyze the evolution of work. The objective being to be able to permanently analyze: the national economy; the evolution of work in the world and in the Dominican Republic; unemployment and its composition; the needs of Dominican businesses; the development of science and technology and its impact on employment, as well as its implications for education and training.

Thus, the creation and establishment of an Observatory should contribute to offering better opportunities, as well as to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the productive sectors and human capital of the Dominican Republic to solvably face the challenges of the globalization and the new requirements of the organization of work and the labor market in the face of IR 4.0.