Organizational analysis of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education responsible for literacy and the preparation of departmental plans

As part of this intervention, CIDE was given the mandate to carry out a diagnostic analysis of the missions, structures, functions, and activities of the various bodies involved in the current management system of the MEPSA. The mandate given was to define, based on the results of the diagnostic study, the avenues for improving the management system and making recommendations for introducing reforms capable of ensuring the achievement of the desired objectives.

PRAEBASE – Capacity building for executives of the National Institute for Research and Pedagogical Action (INRAP) and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in charge of Literacy

The objective of the mandate was to support the National Institute for Research and Educational Action (INRAP) in strengthening the educational and technical capacities of its staff through the development, monitoring and implementation of initial and continuous training plans for primary and secondary teachers, the training of evaluators of programs and the educational achievements of pupils and teachers, the development of measuring instruments and the production of evaluation reports, the definition of an orientation framework for the new curricula of primary and secondary education and the process of its evolution.

Institutional Strengthening Program in Technological Matters in Francophone Africa (16 countries)

The PRIMTAF II program aimed to respond to two priorities of the Canadian development assistance program: Good Governance and private sector development. It aimed to support more rigorous management of public vocational and technical education institutions as well as skills development to better serve the qualification needs of the target countries. CIDE was given the mandate to administer the program, monitor it and act as a technical advisor to the Canadian and African institutions mobilized for the implementation of the projects.

In the Republic of the Congo Project for the processing and preservation of agricultural and livestock products.